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Terms and Conditions

Microdevice Technologies is the authorised training partner of SafeTTy Systems Ltd based is midlands UK.

The international certification courses namely Embedded C-Level 0 and TTa-Level 1 are being offered by Microdevice Technologies .The course content and the ownership of the courses belongs to SafeTTy Systems Ltd.The courses are protected under copyright owned by SafeTTy Systems Ltd and the technology used is patented.

Microdevice Technologies only delivers and handles the two courses logistics like enrolling candidates for the courses,training of the candidates,evaluating the course candidates performance and conducting online/offline exams for the certification purposes.

The certification towards both the courses is provided by SafeTTy Systems Ltd. Microdevice Technologies has no control over the certification process .

The course certificates are  prepared and signed by SafeTTy Systems Ltd and delivered to Microdevice Technologies for distribution to successful candidates.The certificates are made available within 3-months of declaration of results.

This technology cannot be used by participants in their projects whether professional or academic without prior permission from SafeTTy Systems Ltd. as the technology is protected by patents and Intellectual Property rights internationally.